for the anger of man









And you all be, my beloved Brothers, quick to hear and slow to speak, and slow to anger: 20. for the anger of man does not result in the righteousness of Elohim.

—  Ya’akov (James) 1:19-20, Aramaic English New Testament


My Adonay,

I know full well that I do not bring You glory or please You when I am angry; for I know that anger is a strategic weapon of my adversary to tempt me to come out from walking in and by Your Ruach and in obedience to Your Torah so that I will walk in and by the flesh in Torahlessness (disobedience to Torah/sin).

Help me to place my compulsion to speak my words quickly to others under the righteous superiority of hearing quickly — not only to what is being said to me by them but more importantly what Your Ruach is saying and what Your Word says to me. I ask for a temperate and self-controlled countenance in order to grow in this grace. Help me to listen to others from the righteous truth of Your Word. Help me to take my words reverently to You considerably more than I speak my words to man.

My desire is to be fully armed and ready to turn to You whenever my adversary comes to me with the temptation to be angry; for I know that You will always provide me with a way out of any temptation (Qorintiyim Aleph/1 Corinthians 10:13).

I want to glorify You, my Adonay and I want to please You. I ask not only for Your grace but for Your power working within me to do this; for I know that it is the Ruach that makes alive; the body does not profit anything (Yochanan/John 6:63).

In Messiah Yeshua’s Name I pray. Amen







Image:  Pete Hollow