that the life also of Y’shua










But we have this treasure in an earthen vessel that

the excellence of the power might be from Elohim,

and not from us. And in everything we are oppressed,

but not suffocated; we are corrected, but not condemned;

we are persecuted, but not forsaken;

we are prostrated, but not perish.

For we bear in our body, at all times

the dying of Y’shua; that the life also of Y’shua

might be manifested in our body.

—  Qorintiyim Bĕt (2 Corinthians) 4:7-10,
Aramaic English New Testament, emphasis ours

Beloved in Messiah Yeshua,

Perhaps in a recent season, if not once upon a time, you were on your knees saying, “Father, let me know that I have faith,” and then when the answer which came from His loving hand brought diverse trials “in every thing”, the likes of which you most certainly did not expect … oppression, correction, persecution, humbling, and death to your flesh … you reacted as if you were blindsided?

Perhaps, beloved, you did not realize that you had, in fact, asked for the excellence of His power to be made manifest in your life.

Can you know the faith that you have and the measure of it apart from it being exercised? No, you cannot.

If you are presently bearing or have born the dying of Messiah Yeshua in your body, then know that the call from Yahweh to you was, is, and will always be to manifest the life of Messiah Yeshua.

The trials which come through Yahweh’s hand to your life are always sanctifying trials.

Rejoice that in this you are being fit for His coming Kingdom.

Inspiring Prayer







Image:  Atelier Katsumi